Lesbian or bisexual Sons and Daughters

Are we treating our lesbian, bisexual and homosexual sons and daughters right? Sometimes I think that we do treat them right at all. Isn’t it a matter of just treating them as fellow human beings and showing them dignity and respect? That is what I think is important and I know that many Hertfordshire escorts are with me on this one. They have had lesbian friends who have been disowned by their parents just because they have explained to them about their sexuality. London escorts don’t think this is right and I totally agree with them, we should not disrespect our children which is what we do when we treat them like this.

To most of us it seems hard to believe that parents can in this day and age, disown children because of their sexuality. I certainly find it strange and so do London escorts. We have to accept our parents for what they are and why should they not accept their children. Most Hertfordshire escorts say that they find it incredibly hard to believe that this is happening and they wonder why it is. Do we not think that lesbian daughters are as valuable as other daughters? You must have some very strange thoughts going on in your mind if you think like that.

So, why do some parents think like that? It is hard to know but Hertfordshire escorts say that it might be because of matters of faith. I agree with Hertfordshire escorts, the Bible preaches all sort of things at us and some of them should not be taken ask gospel. Jesus did not reject homosexuals or lesbians, so why are we rejecting them? I put that question to Hertfordshire escorts at charlotteaction.org and they could not really explain it. That means there must be something more to parents disowning their lesbian daughters.

Perhaps it is a preconceived idea that all things should be equal. Men should always marry women and go on to live together. That is society how a lot of people perceive I explained to Hertfordshire escorts. But, is our perception of society right? Most of the time I told the Hertfordshire escorts that our perception of society and how things work are way out. It is just a matter of some people not being able to cope with these wrongful perceptions which makes it difficult for some parents to cope. I can fully understand why some people feel this way.

They may feel let down that their ideas of what was going to happen in their lives have been shattered. A lot of parents do look forward to seeing their children getting married and starting families on their own. Not all homosexual and bisexual families have children so this can be difficult for them to cope with. Ultimately though, these parents are trying to reject pain and their own feelings. This is why they disown their lesbian daughters. Are they doing the right thing? In their minds they are but many other think that their actions are wrong, but aren’t we in that fact disowning the parents? It gets complicated…

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