It is easier to fall in love with certain professions than others

When I started to get involved with escorting, I realized that it would not be easy to find a partner. One of the biggest problems is that you work shifts all of the time. Most of the girls at our London escorts say that they may not have had a boyfriend for years, just because they have not been able to find the right partner. I was so with them on that, so I started to check out what could be done about it.


I needed to find a partner who could sort of fit in with my lifestyle, so I started to check out other professions that could fit in with us here at London escorts. My friends had never looked at it that way, but most of the girls at London escorts thought it was an excellent idea. Instead of struggling to find the right guy, why did we not make our search that little bit easier for ourselves?


Within about a week, I had a shortlist of professions that might fit in with us here at London escorts. On top of the list, you could find pilots, doctors, London cabbies, and firefighters. I thought about including the good officers from the Met, but I was not sure about that at all, so I left them off the list. Now, it was just a matter for me, and my friends at London escorts to find our dream dates. That is not the easiest thing to do in and around London. Most of the girls thought that we would struggle.


I fancied dating a firefighter. I have always found them very hunky, and I have met a couple that I have liked. Finding a firefighter might be relatively easy, as I said to my London escorts friends. So, where would firefighters hang out? Most firefighters that I have met enjoy keeping fit, so I thought the local gym was a perfect place to start. I need to stay healthy for London escorts anyway, and I felt that I might be able to kill two birds with the same stone.


After a couple of weeks, I ended up in the boxercise class. The guy who leads the course was hunky, and one evening, I stayed behind to have a chat with him. It turned out that he worked for a fire station just a stone’s throw away from my London escorts boudoir. And yes, he was indeed a firefighter. Today, I am happy with my firefighter that I found at the gym. Some of the other girls at our London escorts service are still looking, but others have been lucky. If you want to find the right partner, it could be a good idea to identify which careers would best find that perfect partner. We cannot all have firefighters, but there are plenty of others.


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