Is she the right girl for me?

There are now so many different escort services in London that many gents are beginning to feel that they are spoiled for choice. Some of the gents I date at Orpington esorts, have become what I call escort agency jumpers. They use one escort agency one week, and then they move on to another escort agency. You may not be dating the same guy every week, and getting to know new gents all of the time is hard work. I used to love working for Orpington escorts, but now I think it is hard work.

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Most of the gents don’t seem to be sure if they are dating the right escort. They often say things like I am not sure that you are the right escort for me. It gets rather annoying after a little while, and it feels like a gent does not like you. Most escorts, including the girls here at Orpington escorts, like to put up really good profiles. Surely, you can figure out if a girl is for you after you have read her profile? If you can’t, you should be calling the escort agency.

Another thing I have noticed is that we date a lot of gents from central London. Many of them do actually work in London and live in Orpington. They used to date central London girls because they thought they were sexier, but now as it has become very expensive to date escorts in central London, they have started to date Orpington escorts. Sure it is great to have their business but at the end of the day, it makes you feel that you are kind of second best and it does not feel that good.

I also think that a lot of the gents who we are seeing at Orpington escorts these days, like to compare us to other escorts that they have met in London. If you have been dating elite escorts in central London, and paid a small fortune for their company, it is not going to be the same thing to date escorts in Orpington. We provide a totally different service at the end of the day and are sort of small and friendly. I cannot see how they can compare us to elite escorts in central London.

What is the future of Orpington escorts? There are days when I am not so sure what the future is for us girls here in Orpington. Yes, it is great to have a good job that pays well, but at times, it can be very frustrating. I am not one of those girls who dream of being an elite escort in central London at all. It is not for me. When we had more regulars it was much for fun working for the escort agency here in Orpington, but things have changed so much and I am sure that I enjoy escorting that much any more. I do actually miss a lot of my regulars.

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