Help I am in love with the boss

I joined Dalston escorts in about two weeks ago. The moment that I walked into the escort agency, I knew that I was in trouble. The guys who owns Dalston escort services is super hot and I fell in love with him straight away. To be honest, I am kind of good at falling in love at first sight and I have done it on many other occasions. This time it feels different and I think that the boss has got some feelings for me as well. At least he said that I turned him on.

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Why do some people fall in love at first sight? I keep thinking that it must have something to do with chemistry. As soon as I walked into the offices here at Dalston escorts, I could almost smell my boss. He smelt really good and it was like I wanted to step up to him and sniff him. When I meet him a couple of days later, I felt like I just wanted to rip off all of his clothes and make love to him on his desk. That would have been such a kinky thing to do.
I am not sure how well I am going to do at Dalston escorts. The girls here are really focused on their jobs. At the moment I am finding really hard to focus on my job as I am so in love with the boss. Almost every gent that walks in through the door takes his place and becomes him. I have never had such wild fantasies about a person before and I am not sure that it is good for me. Still, none of the gents are complaining about my dating style. They all seem to like to spend time with me and have a lot of hot fun.
Perhaps this being in love thing is turning me into a better escort. Some of the girls that I worked with in the past say that they often feel that they date better when they are in love. The boss has not said anything to me so far, and I have not said anything to him. Neither have I said anything to the other girls at Dalston escorts. I am worried that they would say something to the boss. Not only that, but I am worried about making a fool of myself.
It is dreadful to go into work with somebody and think that you are in love with them. I keep on reading about all of these people who have fallen in love with somebody and not told them. At the end of the day, they have regretted it. It has turned out that both parties were just as much in love with each other but nobody dared to say anything. I hoped that will not happen to me and my boss at Dalston escorts. That would be a terrible state of affairs and I am not sure how I would be handle to deal with it. Perhaps I should just tell the boss that I am madly in love with him.

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