Being a Lesbian can be tough

It can be tough to be a Lesbian whether you are strong lady or not. It seems that many people are happy to accept gay men, but they have a harder time accepting lesbian women.

London escorts would like to support lesbians all around the world. The vast majority of London escorts appreciate that sexuality is not a choice, and is often just thrown up on you. What ever sexuality you have been given, you will have to live with according to London escorts. I am glad that escorts in London have come down on the side of lesbians, they often need all support they can find. Living life as a lesbian is not easy according to my London escorts friends.

Why do we dislike lesbians?

I often wonder why many women in particular seem to dislike lesbians. Is it because most lesbians are strong and independent, or is it the sexual act between two women that put them off?

I read somewhere that over 90% of women have fantasised about lesbian relations. They have wondered what it is like to kiss a girl, or fondle another woman’s body. It is interesting thought, and I wonder if this comes from the fact that we presume that women have a gentler touch.

However, most women will not confess to having such thoughts and would rather say that they are put off by lesbians.

Butch lesbians

Some lesbians appear a bit butch to other women, and this can certainly be something that puts women off. The majority ladies are very feminine but lesbians can be a bit different. I just wonder if this could be an influencing factor as well. It is almost like some lesbians try to be a man in woman’s body, and this can cause mixed messages.

Lesbians are perverts

Are they? Lesbians are no more perverts than their male counterparts. They may have sex in a different way but so do male homosexuals, yet we don’t seem to worry about those. Male homosexual such as Stephen Fry are national heroes but funny lady Sandy Toksvig, a famous lesbian, has been swept underneath the carpet. I have never heard that Sandy has been involved in anything perverted, but I do remember that some famous male homosexuals such as George Michael, have had a few problems with the long arm of the law.

Or is that something that we have conveniently forgotten about?

Freedom of sexuality

We should not be so quick to put people in categories. He is gay, she is a lesbian and he is from Mars – today we are really quick to put people in little niches and it seems that unless you have a niche – you are nobody.

I am in the happily married woman niche but at the same time, I could also fit into Yoga instructor niche, the mommy niche and the artistic niche. We seem to have a huge need to classify ourselves these days, and I don’t think that is a good thing. A better idea would be to celebrate our lives and great diversity, and say “hey – we are human kind”.

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