A Sexual Encounter Takes An Unexpected Turn

Sexual encounters are very common in this day and age. What is not very common is when a sexual encounter takes an unexpected turn, such as in the case of 28-year-old Aida and 33-year-old Brian.

Aida was single, but Brian was married. According to him, he had been married to his wife for five years. When Aida and Brian met, he tried to seduce her in every way possible, and she fell for him right away. For obvious reasons, they couldn’t make their feelings public, so they kept their relationship under the table for three months.

Aida was jealous of Brian’s wife, as she was told by him that she was younger. Brian had made it clear to Aida that he would never leave his wife. To him, Aida was only his mistress, but this didn’t stop her from dreaming of being the main lady of his heart.
Aida always pushed Brian to have sex with her in his house which he agreed to during the day, as according to him, his wife was at work. Brian had the tendency of turning off the lights when they had sex. He had told Aida that he felt freer to express himself sexually with his body when the lights were off.

Their sexual encounters came to an end when they heard footsteps upstairs. Aida automatically felt that Brian’s wife had come home early from work. The lights were off, and she didn’t know what to do. There wasn’t enough time on their side to think, but at the end of the day, that’s what she wanted. Aida wanted for the wife to find out about their relationship so that Brian could finally belong completely to her. Soon after, the door of the bedroom opened and the individual who opened it turned on the lights.

To Aida’s surprise, it was a man that she knew: Oscar. When Aida turned around, she found out that Brian had a penis-like rubber in hand and that a wig was halfway off his head. Yes, Brian was not really a man—he was a woman! The man at the door came walking toward Aida and asked for an explanation. This man and Aida had been in a long-term relationship in the past. Brian came in the middle of both of them and told Oscar that she was sorry for cheating on him with his ex-girlfriend.

Brian, whose real name is Brianna, said that she had decided to become a man in order to find out why Aida was still the main lady of his heart. Oscar grabbed both women by the arms and sat them in the bed and said, “Well, there is plenty of room in my heart for the two of you.”

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